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Shoko Barcelona

Shoko BarcelonaShoko Barcelona

Shoko Barcelona

is an elegant nightclub and restaurant situated right on the beach in the Vila Olimpica area of Barcelona. The club opens at around 11.45 pm and closes around 4 or 5 am. The restaurant is open every day of the week all year round, and the Nightclub is open every day during the high season April to October, and open most days the rest of the year.

It’s a fun club to go to and has a beautiful terrace area that steps down right onto the beach, where you can chill out and enjoy the evening with the cooling sea breeze. The club is full to overflowing Thursdays thru Sundays in the Summer, and has some good nights even in the less busy winter (if you can call it that) months.

There is a nice selection of VIP areas, and bottles can be booked by sending us your details and requirements at least 12 hours before your desired time of arrival at the club.


Shoko Barcelona

restaurant serves nice fusion cuisine and you can book through the contact page on this website too.

It’s quite simple to get in to the club you need ID if you look younger than 19 yrs old (its much more lenient for girls). It can be ┬ápossible to get on the guest list and get a complimentary drink at Shoko sometimes. Send us an email and we will see what we can do for you.


MONDAY night is the top party of the week at Shoko – KISS KISS BANG BANG! You can go in for free on the MOJITOS Guest list until 1.30 am. ENJOY!


Here are some guidelines for going to

Shoko Barcelona:-

1. Turn up at the club at the right time i.e. 12 00 pm – 1.30 am is a good time.

2. Wear nice clothes, you’re going to a nightclub, not a rock festival!

3. When you arrive at the entrance, if you are on our exclusive guest list, say the magic words.

4. For those who aren’t. Pay the door charge… Hey Presto! You’re in!

5. Now take advantage of any offers ┬áthat are available which depending on the night, could be a drink (for instance, if you’re on our guest list, it might be a free glass or two of champagne or whatever), or discounted drink coupons, or some chocolate fondue etc.

6. Dance the night away, have fun, drink out on the open terrace ( I said drink out, not make out). Try not to take advantage of people (hot girls or guys) just because you are on the guest list (if you were lucky). (!)

7. Have lots of FUN! Tell your friends who didn’t make it what fun you had. (Make it up if you had trouble having fun, or you can’t remember, it always sounds better, and people will like you more, we promise.)

8. Go on Facebook after you get home (either before or after you have *ravaged* that cutie who you plucked up the courage to babble at on the dance floor, back at your apartment – Don’t try to pretend that you go out just to drink alcopops – We’re not buying it) and write how amazing your night was, and also suggest all your friends to this website lol.

9. Rinse and Repeat for another night at

Shoko Barcelona

or check our other club reviews for essential tips and things to know before you go..


We, the team at wish you a fun-filled clubbing experience through Barcelona’s nightlife.




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